Textures & Layers

Transforming Through Textures and Layers

Simple Ways to Add Coziness to Any Space


Not only does layering with textures make a room feel cozy, but it makes it feel complete. It’s the final touch that makes a hug difference but is often overlooked. With the chilly months approaching it’s a great way to add warmth and comfort.

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Adding texture is all about layering. We love bringing texture into clients’ homes by combining multiple textural elements to bring a space to life. Here are a few easy ways to give your home a little “texture update” and improve the overall look and feel.

Texturize with Textiles

Create comfort in your room by adding pieces like cushions or throws, which can be easily moved around or replaced for a quick interior update. Not only do they provide the eye with something interesting to look at, but they're also incredibly soothing.

Texturize with Books and Plants

Plants have a way of making any space feel bright, lively, and gorgeous. We love to stop by Shoppe or Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery and pick up unique plants in eclectic pots to add to our client’s spaces.

Stacked books are always so chic. We like to treat collections of books as decor by stacking them in an artful way kind of like a customizable piece of sculpture.

Some of our favorite books are Monochromatic Home, Vanity Fair, Vogue Living, and Sunny Lands. Here in Birmingham we love to peruse Design Supply and Richard Tubbs Interiors.

Barri Thompson